Is Anybody Watching How Much Cannabis I Purchase At A Dispensary?

Nov 2, 2023 | Colorado Laws, News

Do Marijuana Dispensaries Track How Much You Buy?

Marijuana customers are sometimes concerned that buying marijuana might get them in trouble, even though marijuana is legal in Colorado. That’s because they are required by law to display their ID whenever they purchase cannabis. Since marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, some are worried that their personal information may be recorded or shared with the federal government whenever they display their ID.

This is not the case. Colorado has banned the collection of personal information on marijuana purchases. While the state tracks the overall marijuana market through a track-and-trace system, it does so anonymously. The only reason why cannabis consumers are required to show their ID is to prove they are over 21 years old.

At the same time, marijuana dispensaries are required by law to keep track of how much a customer buys, otherwise they risk paying a hefty fine and even losing their license. They may also keep track of your contact information, with your consent, to send you marketing and promotional information. However, marijuana dispensaries in Colorado do not share your personal details with the federal government.

How Much Marijuana Am I Allowed To Purchase in Colorado Dispensaries?

Colorado state law specifies that recreational marijuana customers are allowed to purchase 1 ounce of cannabis flower daily, or 8 grams of concentrate, or 800 mg of edibles. One ounce is equivalent to 28 grams.

To give you a better idea of how much marijuana you can buy, our pre-rolls usually have concentrations of 0.5 or 1 gr. That means you can buy 28 one-gram or 56 half-gram pre-rolls. For most people, this is a sufficient quantity for daily consumption.

As for edibles, most of our edible chocolates come in 100 gr packages. You may buy up to 8 of these on a daily basis.

Do Marijuana Dispensaries Keep Track of How Much I Buy?

While not allowed to keep their customers’ personal information, marijuana dispensaries are still liable if they oversell cannabis to customers. So, they must pay attention to returning customers who attempt to circumvent the law by making multiple daily cannabis purchases.

If a customer comes in the morning and buys their daily cannabis allowance and then makes another purchase in the afternoon, it is the budtender’s responsibility to make sure this customer does not exceed the legal threshold.  The marijuana dispensary is legally required to notice repeat customers who try to bypass the rules even as they may not record their information.

Can I Make Multiple Purchases of Marijuana a Day?

You may make multiple purchases of marijuana on a single day as long as you stay below the legal limit. For example, you may buy 3 gr of marijuana concentrate in the morning and another 4 gr in the afternoon. You will still be below the 8 gr daily limit, so that’s fine. You may also make multiple purchases from different marijuana dispensaries, as long as you stay under the daily limit.

A marijuana dispensary is liable for the marijuana it sells. If a customer makes multiple marijuana purchases from various dispensaries and exceeds the legal possession limit, they could end up on the wrong side of the law.

However, dispensaries in Colorado do not track how much a particular person has bought. Neither the federal government nor the State knows how much cannabis you purchased on a particular day. Therefore, in practice, you only risk a fine if you are randomly searched or if your car is stopped and surplus marijuana is found inside.

How Much Is the Fine for Buying Too Much Marijuana?

Colorado state law regarding marijuana purchases has different penalties and fines depending on the excess quantity.

Fines start at $100 for more than 2 ounces of marijuana and reach $5,000 for 6 to 12 ounces. For purchases above 2 ounces, you could also risk incarceration.

How Does the State of Colorado Oversee the Marijuana Market?

Colorado State oversees the marijuana market from cannabis growth to harvesting, processing, transportation, and sale. All cannabis growers have to be licensed. The drying, processing, and manufacturing of cannabis are also regulated. The State has introduced a track-and-trace system that follows marijuana throughout its journey from field to dispensary shelves.

However, the State only oversees the marijuana market to ensure that no cannabis ends in the black market or is used in illegal ways. Since the consumption of recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, the authorities don’t need to know who consumes it.

Therefore, individual marijuana purchases are not recorded based on name and contact information. Only sales are recorded—however, this is done anonymously. A typical record might show, for example, that Mountain Annie’s Ridgway Dispensary sold $58 worth of marijuana on Monday morning to an anonymous customer.

Why Do Marijuana Dispensaries Keep My Personal Information?

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado will not share your personal information with state or federal authorities.

With your consent, they may send you emails and newsletters notifying you of promotions and deals. Cannabis dispensaries want to share their offers with their loyal customers, which is why they may create and maintain a marketing list. They may also message you about time-sensitive deals to take advantage of better prices. Around holidays, you could get holiday specials for even better prices.

Mountain Annie’s Marijuana Dispensaries

We pride ourselves on our friendly budtenders and helpful staff. First-time buyers might find cannabis dispensaries daunting. With our help, it will feel similar to going to the liquor store.

We will guide you through your purchases and help you choose the marijuana strain and cannabis products that best match your lifestyle and your needs. If you want to mix and match cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles, we will calculate your daily limit for you and help you stay within the legal limit.

Marijuana purchases in Colorado only require an ID proving your age. We don’t collect, nor do we share, your personal data. This makes your marijuana purchases free, safe, and more satisfying.

Mountain Annie’s has four dispensaries in Ridgway, Silverton, Durango, and Cortez. You can order online and arrange to pick up your purchases whenever it suits you. We are open Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am-8:00 pm.

Visit our website or drop by in-person to buy your cannabis and experience welcoming and attentive service. Shop for a great selection of cannabis-infused topicals such as creams, soaks, transdermal patches, and salves. You will find a wide selection of cannabis products and strain varieties for various health targets

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