Craft Cannabis Cultivation at Elevation

Learn more about the cannabis cultivation process at Mountain Annies. We grow our own strains at 6500 feet, outside of Ridgway, CO in the San Juan Mountains.

When you think of cultivating cannabis, you may picture large fields or crop manufacturing operations that are about quantity rather than quality.

However, at Mountain Annie’s our indoor cultivation is optimal because we have created the perfect environmental conditions for the cannabis plant.

The temperature, humidity level, nutrient program, and medium in which we grow our plants have all been developed in order to provide quality products that we are proud to stand by.

“Big store with lots of variety. We asked about edibles for sleep and they presented many options not given elsewhere and gave much needed information and advice so we could decide on the best combination of THC and CBD. He even suggested another alternative at another store. They had a sale on a few products which is unusual outside of happy hours. Even their regular prices were good. Parking is on-street but we didn’t have a problem. Highly recommend this place.

—Barry E.

Mountain Annie’s Cultivation Process

Our cultivation process begins with pheno-hunting. During pheno-hunting, the grower will look for specific traits to ensure that the cannabis we grow is quality.

The traits that the cultivation team looks for while pheno-hunting include: structure, hardiness, terpene profile, appearance, odor, trichomes, maturity time, and more. This process is important to ensure we are selecting strains that respond well to the environment we have created.

Once the pheno-hunt is over, it is all about nurturing the plant from its vegetative state all the way through the curing phase. Our cultivation team is hands-on every day ensuring that the plant receives the right amount of tender loving care to reach our quality goal.

The final steps involve drying and curing resulting in an enhanced terpene profile and smokability. This process ensures that our cannabis has an amazing flavor and keeps our customers coming back to our dispensary locations for more.

Take a look at the ladies we currently have in production:

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