Reasons to Use a High-THC Cannabis Strain over a High-CBD Strain

Feb 11, 2022 | Strains

When we welcome our customers at our Mountain Annie’s marijuana dispensaries, we first ask what they are looking for and what wellbeing targets they have set for themselves.

Some of our customers are searching for relaxation or recreation. Others are interested in keeping their body more active. And some are trying to ward off pain and inflammation.

Once we have discussed your needs, we will browse through our cannabis strains to see which one best fits you. When doing our assessment, we take into account THC and CBD content as well as the total composition of the strain in terms of terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural compounds.

There are over 700 cannabis strains to choose from. Some are high in THC and help with relaxation; others are high in CBD and provide different benefits. A few cannabis strains are balanced: they have a more-or-less equal amount of CBD and THC.

Once we can figure out what works for your mind and body, we will have achieved our goal: to help you get the most out of cannabis.

What Is Cannabis Made of?

Cannabis is a plant that contains hundreds of botanical compounds. There are more than 100 cannabinoids as well as numerous terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins.

Amongst the many cannabinoids, THC and CBD are the most abundant. However, apart from these famous cannabinoids, cannabis also contains CBCA, CBG, THCA, CBN, CBC, and many others.

Cannabis has been known for thousands of years: there is evidence that people 5,000 years ago recognized its health potential and used it as an herbal remedy rather than a psychotropic and hallucinatory natural compound.

With the legalization of CBD and the increasing liberalization of recreational marijuana, more research is directed towards the potential health benefits of marijuana.

What about the Other Marijuana Cannabinoids and Natural Compounds?

Research suggests that, when all botanical compounds of cannabis work together, they act better and more efficiently. The various compounds enhance each other in a synergetic way that produces a more potent effect. This is called the entourage effect.

The presence of differing quantities of the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in cannabis makes each strain unique. For instance, terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis its characteristic smell and scent.

Cannabis contains dozens of terpenes, such as linalool, pinene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and many others. These make each strain unique.

For example, some cannabis strains have more beta-caryophyllene, which gives them a characteristic woody and peppery scent. This will translate into a different aromatic experience than other strains that are high in, say, linalool, which is the scent of lavender. And strains high in limonene, the terpene that gives lemons their characteristic scent, will have a more citrusy aroma.

Not only does the aroma change, but so do the properties of each strain. For example, the combination of myrcene and linalool in a cannabis strain may help with sleep and relaxation. On the other hand, a marijuana strain with high beta-caryophyllene content can be more beneficial in warding off pain.

This is true of cannabinoid content as well. For example, CBDA has been found to be anti-inflammatory, while CBN could be helpful with sleep. CBC also has anti-inflammatory qualities and CBG may have pain-relieving qualities.

With so many cannabis strains to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Discuss your specific needs with your budtender to evaluate which marijuana strain is best for you.

What Is a High-THC Cannabis Strain?

A high-THC cannabis strain means that THC is the dominant cannabinoid in this strain. High-THC cannabis strains typically contain over 20% THC. Our eshop carries several high-THC cannabis strains, such as Passion Fruit, Gelato, or Mandarin Cookies.

Why Should I Choose a High-THC Cannabis Strain?

THC has been widely researched for its effects on our health. Preliminary findings are promising, suggesting that THC may increase appetite and help with mental health and stress. Some people take high-THC strains to help with sleep problems and improve their sleep quality while others are choosing THC to stave off chronic pain.

THC is also showing encouraging results when it comes to inflammation. Finally, THC has antioxidant qualities that could be helpful with free radicals and body stress.

People looking to relieve their mental stress may benefit from a high-THC cannabis strain.

On the other hand, THC has also been linked to health hazards as it may raise your blood pressure and strain your heart. It may also trigger schizophrenia or psychotic episodes, especially in younger people.

That’s why some people prefer using a high-CBD cannabis strain.

Why Should I Choose a High-CBD Cannabis Strain?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in abundance in industrial hemp. It is also highly prominent in marijuana, depending on the strain.

CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are also encouraging findings regarding CBD’s potential as an anti-stress and antidepressant.

A few marijuana strains are relatively high in CBD content but at Mountain Annies, we do not carry any strains that are CBD-only. Every strain is THC or a blend of THC and CBD. 

Should I Choose a Balanced THC-CBD Strain?

By consuming CBD alongside THC, THC’s extreme side effects may be reduced so that the consumer feels the full benefit of both cannabinoids in a gentler way.

A balanced strain contains 5 to 10% of THC and CBD.

Consumption of high quantities of THC can lead to anxiety, paranoia, and short-term memory issues. Evidence suggests that when THC and CBD content are balanced, CBD may counterbalance the intoxication of THC and its hazardous health effects, thus making marijuana safer and more palatable to customers.

More Is Not Always Better

We are often asked about THC potency and richness. Our customers sometimes ask us for the strain with the highest THC content, hoping that a higher THC composition will be more helpful with their targets. However, just like you wouldn’t choose your wine based on the alcohol content alone, you should consider THC content as just one of the many factors informing your choice.

Besides, like many things in life, more is not always better.

Crucially, research suggests that THC may be biphasic. This means that it offers a different—and often opposite—effect when taken in small doses compared to big ones. For example, in small quantities, THC is relaxing and soothing. However, in larger doses, it can cause anxiety and paranoia.

Likewise, our body cannot handle large quantities of any substance at once. When the quantity of THC is beyond what our mind and body can manage, the surplus THC content is discarded through our liver, lungs, and other organs. Its only effect is not to make us feel better but to put undue pressure on our bodies.

When it comes to choosing the right cannabis strain, THC content is only one of many variables. You should sample the flavors of each strain and experience its effects on your body. Our budtenders are always willing to explain to our customers the cannabinoid profile of the many strains we carry.

With more knowledge, our customers can make educated and helpful decisions for their health and wellbeing.

Visit Our Mountain Annie’s Dispensaries for Excellent Service and Advice

The most important step when buying THC and CBD is to have a trustworthy and dependable marijuana dispensary.

We only carry the highest quality cannabis strains, from recognized and well-researched brands.

Our budtenders are welcoming and knowledgeable and will guide you through the numerous choices of marijuana that exist. Whether you want something to keep you relaxed, happy, active, focused, or inspired, we are sure to have the strain that best fits your needs.

You can choose from flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, vaporizers, and concentrates to find the THC product that will help you reach your wellbeing goals.

Buy marijuana online on the Mountain Annie’s eshop or drop by one of our four marijuana dispensaries in Durango, Ridgway, Silverton, and Cortez to get advice and guidance before making your purchase!

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